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Hit the hay in your heavenly bedroom after a hectic day

After a long tiresome day, warm delicious dinner and a calm n cozy bedroom are the heavenly feeling, isn’t it? Your bedroom is the place where you rest to rejuvenate

for next hectic day with a happy refreshed mind and healthy physique. Bedroom is where you and your partner share some special moments, dreams to decor your future…

So don’t you think, this dream decorating room should decor itself to feel more warm and cozy?

Our Interior expert Pooja Pavani Desai, Spar Arreda India has shared some tips to make your bed and bedroom warm welcoming.

1. Warm bedding and complementing comfy pillows can soothe your tired body and mind

2. Keep it simple, keep it pastel!

3. Pastel shades and simple sophistication decors delightful delicacy.

4. Flowers make feminine fragility. You can mix delicate floral design on wall paint or wall paper or on curtains or simply decorate fresh flowers in a vase on corner table. You can play with the patterns to add a magical memorization with contemporary design. If you are vintage lovers, go for classy royal rustic.

5. Cozy curtains, bright blankets, Snuggling soft pillows, classy colors, delightful textures make your room more restful and comfy.

6. Keep sensational season delicacy to decor your bedroom. Keep it warm and cozy in winter season, fresh and bright in rainy season and soft, delightful and cool in summer season.

7. Have a corner table to store medicines, books, adjustable night lamp, a collection of soft music CDs and CD player.

8. You can store your moisturizer, oil, spectacles case, mosquito repellent cream in the shelves of side table.

9. Keep your wardrobe organized with day and night wares separately.

10. Make your bedroom a non-smoking room as Cigarette smoke clings to clothes and furnishings, causing major air pollution contributor content. Keep your bedroom smell good with Natural Air Fresheners, scented candles, room fresheners etc.

11. Last but not the least, most importantly, keeping your smart phone away is the smart way for sound sleep. It is safe too or you can set your pillow on fire.

If you are thinking of revamping your bedroom in ravishing classic way, just have a look on our premium quality Spar Arreda Bedrooms. Spar Arreda India has variety of Beds, chest of drawers and bedside tables those designed to form compositions of understated elegance or greater refinement.

Spar Arreda is an Italian Modular Kitchens and furniture

Brand offering high

quality finishes and mechanisms which are functional and accessible. Now this classic Italian Furniture and modern kitchen brand offers their supreme quality furniture at affordable prices in India.

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