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Best color combinations for modular kitchen

Color can play a vital role in the look of your home decor. choose the best color combination for your Indian kitchens, They are like science laboratories where every day new experiments are done in colors, tastes, decorations with drooling delicious dishes. Bright colors are generally appetite-stimulating colors. So we can play with bright colors as red, orange, and yellow that spark energy and creativity. Though the light colors gives royal look but, light colors may catch stains quickly and easily and sooner reflects the dullness in whole look.

Interior décor expert Pooja Pavani Desai, Director at Spar Arreda India, shared some interesting tips to add a colourful and bright zest to your Modular Kitchen. this tips can help you choose best color combinations for your kitchen.

  1. Lucido Red can be a great choice with glossiness. It looks bright, royal and cleaning is easy as stains can't lower the beauty of your kitchen.
  2. If you are very classy and choosy and love contemporary corporate look, you can go for Tess. Carolina blue color! It is a light shade of blue and violet. Style lovers, it is the perfect baby blue violet color for your taste and mood too!!
  3. If you are calm and moody person and actually enjoys food making to boost your mood when feeling down, Flux is a good option in design & Bondi blue or teal color. A unique, innovative model with combinations of straight and curved lines, unusual materials and fascinating layouts; will lead to your creative taste.
  4. Wine color is unique and lovable boost your creativity, stimulating your mood and also reflects your bold and charming persona & classic choice.
  5. If you think wine color is feminine and want unisex color that should reflect your and your partner's choice, you can go for brinjal Indigo color. This dark shade purple color is a pinch of feminine side and more of masculine taste creating magical classiness.
  6. If you want some innovation and uniqueness in red shade, just try out Ginger Red! It is just marvelous choice that mirrors your cheerful charming glossy glam. Stainless steel with satin finish and high gloss mono-lacquer Ginger red is just ultimate combination.
  7. Orange color creates optimistic oomph and refreshing tangerine zest to tickle the taste buds! Tan shade of Orange gives a classic brightness. Combined with light cream or light silver ash color will give a magical Indian touch to contemporary concept.
  8. Dark turquoise green or blue or cobalt blue will give modern metallic finish combined with silver light gray color.
  9. You can also use glossy or mat Wall Tiles to improve your Modular Kitchen Design. You can have tiles pieces having design of delicious dishes or lush green vegetables or bright colorful juicy fruits. Using bright color vessels, containers and jars can make your Kitchen lively and energetic.Find more ideas to add an oomph to your kitchen decor from our expert Pooja Desai, Owner of Spar Arreda India.

Spar Arreda India has extremely wide range of day, night, kitchen and junior options, characterized by modularity, flexibility, attention to materials and design. Check out the diversified designs of Modular kitchen classic color combinations :

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