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How to make your home a relaxation Hub

Your home mirrors your persona. Whenever your guests enter your home, the furniture, color, style, uniqueness depicts the way of your living.

Modern Kitchen or Classic Kitchen, Contemporary designs of furniture, classic taste of color combination adds an oomph to your home persona.

In hectic lifestyle, your home is the only place for your relaxation. If it is well maintained with space and flexible furniture, tiny and tidy rooms bestow you luxurious comfort. Here are some tips by Pooja Pavani Desai, Director of Spar Arreda India, to make your home peaceful and more relaxing

i) Classic colors, Pastel shades, calming breezy curtains, clean tidy look creates a feeling of serenity.

ii) Soft music, your favorite corner may be in balcony or in living room near the book shelf, with a cup of steaming hot coffee will definitely stimulate your nerves and swing your mood.

iii) Stick to one color of walls to give a bigger look to a tidy room

iv) Rustic furniture gives vintage yet royal luxurious look

v) Bright colors to kitchen with lustrous fruits/lush green veges design tiles, fluorescent bowls will stimulate appetite. Kitchen is the relaxation hub for food lovers. You can enjoy cooking together.

vi) Bathroom is the core part of your home where you can have your own relaxing moments. Decor your bathroom with classy colors, apt ambiances and fresh aroma.

vii) Use only useful, lightweight and apt classic casual furniture. If furniture is foldable and the space is wisely managed, room will look bigger, graceful and more relaxing.

viii) Natural incense like agarbatti, dhoopas, natural flower decoration will stimulate the nerves. Arrange a flower vase in the corner table and this natural aroma will refresh and rejuvenate your tired senses.

ix) Bedroom is the another relaxation room. Keep light romantic colors. Have a corner table as book shelf for book lovers, Dim relaxing light arrangement and ravishing aroma that stimulate your romantic mood.

x) Light arrangement plays an important role in your home decoration and enhancing the furniture and overall design look. Play with bright and dim lights, lamps to highlight your attractive center pieces and main designer furniture.

Pooja Pavani Desai, Director of Spar Arreda India explains the classic uniqueness of Italian furniture. "Italian furniture blends style and sophistication so well that gives glamour, luxury and flexibility to the furniture." says Pooja Desai.

Spar Arreda is an Italian Modular Kitchens and furniture Brand offering high quality finishes and mechanisms which are functional and accessible. Now this classic Italian Furniture and modern kitchen brand offers their supreme quality furniture at affordable prices in India. Spar Arreda India is the synthesis of Modern Technique, Affordable Cost, Premium Quality, Supreme Quality Material, Flexible Functionality, Classic Taste and sustainability. Spar Arreda India are the leading Italian brand of modern furniture, contemporary furniture, designer bedrooms, contemporary & modern living rooms, modular designer kitchens, outdoor furniture and furnishing for home and businesses.

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