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Kitchen Organizers – De-clutter your cooking space in an effective, efficient and eco-friendly way

What is an interesting job when you are feeling low? Go to the kitchen and make a drooling dish, decorate it and pamper your taste buds (and also your beloved ones 🙂 )

and… what is a tedious job in home? Dealing with the mess, specially in kitchen!! Modular kitchens are interesting and more effective as they help you to save the space, utilize it in an effective way and look the kitchen spacious, organized and glamorously classic. Modular Kitchens are designed in compact and in an organized way with modular furniture, cabinets, drawers, pullout trays, storage system etc. Organizing a Kitchen can be a fun and an incredibly easy task. Won’t believe?

Interior expert and director of leading Italian furniture brand Spar Arreda India, Pooja Pavani Desai shares some handy tips to organize your kitchen in smart way.

Channelize your drawer system : Maintain pulling cabinets, trolleys for big containers and jars and drawers to maintain dishes, plates, spoons. Sharp materials such as peelers, scissors, knives, forks should be well-wrapped in paper and maintain in plastic container so wooden drawers may not get destroyed due to the sharpness.

Add Personal customization : Modular kitchen is popular due to its flexibility. You can design the platform as per your choice and need. There should be separate and safe place for electrical appliances such as microwave oven, mixer, juicer, toaster, blender, food processor, roti maker etc. If your kitchen is small, keep the dining table in the living room or you can keep a folding small table which can be used as dining as well coffee table too.

Open racks & trays on the counter top : Indian kitchens are full with various types of spices, ghee, oil. All required spices, oil and other things regularly required for tadka such as mustard seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, salt so small jars containing these contents should keep in handy way on open racks, shelf’s, trays.

Customize and maximize space : This is the main motto of modular kitchen. We can organize the cabinets as Spice drawer storage inserts, pull-out pantry shelves, tea towel holders and more are available in easy-to-reach way. Use the area between the cabinets and the ceiling to store trays or baskets filled with seldom-used items.

Make a Wishlist : Make a list of items such as rarely used items, daily used items, items used on festivals or special occasions etc. Look around your kitchen and make a list of your top complaints about the room. If you haven’t used any items in a year, get rid of it. There are interesting magnets available which can be used as decorative items as well to stick the notes on your refrigerator.

Create a cooking zone : Place all your baking dishes, pots and pans as close the stove as possible. Create a cooking zone around the stove, storing pots and pans as close to the range as possible.

Hanging or Wired Baskets : Hanging shelves or baskets for onions, potatoes, not only saves the space but also give an interesting decorative look to kitchen.

Cabinets for Cleaning Contents : Cleaning items as stain cleaners, liquid soaps, Soap bar for vessels, gloves, dish pan, drying rack, cleansers, towels, etc. put in handy and easy to reach manner. Also maintain a place for trash bag or dust bean bag.

Cleaning Schedule : Kitchens where daily food experiments are done and edibles are stored so regular cleaning of kitchen is necessary to keep it bacteria free. Regular cleaning and keeping kitchen stain free, rust free, fungus free not only keep your kitchen clean and tidy but also maintain & improve the beauty of it. Kitchen platform should be cleaned daily. Plan a schedule to wipe out cabinets, shelves, drawers.

Organizing and Cleaning Refrigerator : Fridge is to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and also store cooked food. But regular cleaning of fridge is also important.

Don’t keep fruits, vegetables, fishes, cooked food more than 2 days. Keep all vessels storing cooked edibles covered. Empty whole fridge weekly and wash the trays. wipe out with soft cloth and keep a pinch of baking soda in a dish in fridge to soak the extra moister.

Keep visiting to Spar Arreda India’s blog for more smart organizing and designing tips for your home furniture and decor. Spar Arreda India is an Indian franchise of an well known Italian Furniture and Home decor brand offers premium quality furniture which is modern, classic, affordable, durable and flexible.

Spar Arreda is an Italian Modular Kitchens and furniture

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quality finishes and mechanisms which are functional and accessible. Now this classic Italian Furniture and modern kitchen brand offers their supreme quality furniture at affordable prices in India.

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