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Make your living room more lively

Living room, the room that reflects your persona, your classic taste, your life style and your mood when anybody first enters to your home. Living room where you all share special friendly bonding. You arranges family get together, throw small parties in friendly gestures that make your living room more lively.

But to make your friends and family more comfortable, in addition to your warm welcome and friendly gesture, you should add a zest to your living room with classic choice in color combinations, furniture arrangement, choosing the furniture, light decoration, curtains etc. Set up a truly inviting living room atmosphere through the tips shared by interior expert Pooja Pavani Desai, Spar Arreda India.

1. Classic Choice of color combinations : Plain Pastel shades make your room look bigger and better as light shades reflect light. You can go for light peach, light gray, beige, cream colors for wall paint. You can keep one wall with textured pattern, darker or contrast shade of color chosen. You can go for wall papers too but as Indian weather is humid, choose wall papers for smaller areas to avoid moister, fungus and dullness. Choose lightweight, floral or plain pattern curtains. You can have a mix of plain and patterned or light and dark curtains too.

2. Have an open space : Open space helps to look room bigger and fresh. Avoid heavy furniture, too many artifacts. Put only unique, selective artifacts that will go with your furniture and wall color. Use light weight furniture. Keep altering the furniture arrangement, that will give an interesting new look to living room in no cost. Either choose traditional or contemporary arrangement for your home.

3. Choose furniture wisely : Choose the furniture with Correct sizes, classic colors and only that you needed. L-shaped sofa set or sofa-cum-bed will be right choice for smaller room. A coffee table is must to share some warm friendly moments and rejuvenate the relationships. A book shelf, sofa-cum-shoe rack, corner table or corner shelf for artifacts, TV shelf, CDs shelf, hanging chair, dining table will make your living room more apt.

4. Organize well : Keeping living room fresh, well-organized and clean make your first impression better on your guests. You can design different racks and shelves to store daily needed contents. Shoe rack, key rack, books,magazine,CDs shelves keep your room organized and free from mess. Only needed to put the things in their proper places and make it a habit.

5. Dramatic lighting are more lively : Lights can play an important role in room decoration. Appropriate bright lights can make room fresh, bigger and inviting. You can focus on a center artifact for highlighting. Add a glamour with delicate chandelier. False ceiling lighting or floor lighting can add a dramatic mesmerizing factor. Creative lamps can also add an oomph. Look into details and accessorize. Experimenting with various shapes can give a magical look to room.

6. Be More Creative : Classic choice and a little creativity will add an optimistic oomph to your living room. Conceal your television. Choose a creative center piece. Observe and arrange with co-ordination. Your color combination, furniture and other artifacts arrangement should complement each other well.

You can contact experts at Spar Arreda India for more home decorating tips. Have a look on our classy range of Living room decor and premium furniture.

The space for relaxation and conversation with friends and family, is proposed by Spar Arreda India with attention to the latest trends without forgetting more traditional tastes in terms of aesthetics and composition.

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