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What people are saying About Spar Arreda India

when a friend, Mrs Bhave, called me to complain about the Bad Kitchen planning in the New Apartment she is to shift in a couple of months .. I introduced her to Pooja Desai of SPAR Arreda Kitchen. Though Mrs Bhave was Anxious about going for Modular Kitchens, Pooja gave her design options and even made changes in them a few times to suit her requirements till she was finally satisfied with the Design as well as the Idea of going for Modular Kitchen. .. And Now she is Raving about Pooja’s work Ethics and her going out of her way to give the desired result & Professionalism! She’s Now waiting to get her First High Quality Italian Kitchen from SPAR! What’s Next?! ... Pooja’s already busy designing my friend’s kitchen for his Pune apartment ....

Sameer Talpade

I must congratulate Pooja Desai,owner of "spar arreda"an italian brand of modular kitchen & furniture company, in Mumbai ,for having a state of the art & well disigned showroom. her products are very well displayed. she is a thorough professional and yet very polite & courteous in her demeanour. Her product knowledge is very impressive. we had referred our clients to her for their requirement of modular kitchen. they were very happy and impressed with her services and gave her an order for their kitchen. i strongly recommend her to "all"

Aditya Wanchoo

I had referred Pooja Desai of SPAR Arreda kitchens to an Architect friend of mine, Mr Karan Kapoor. The kitchen was to be installed at their site, however the payment schedule was to be differed with specific timelines for installation. SPAR ended up delivering the kitchen way before time and Karan's clients have been very impressed with the services and product delivery along with good payment schedules. I would strongly recommend SPAR Arreda kitchens not just for the quality, but also the service provided by Pooja which has been exemplary. The after sales support so far has also been excellent. All the best!

Hitesh Samesls